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il-mato.biz business card by Matias Berra

Applying the basics of Good Design to your first business card

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Just like it happened to any other person who has attempted to become a freelancer/ entrepreneur, it became quite clear from the beginning that there are a thousand tasks to be done before you can even attempt to call yourself a ‘self-employed man’. It occurred to me one of the most critical aspects of being successful in this task was coming up with a Brand that truly represents who you are/ what you do…and then find a clever way to incorporate…

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freelance work the importance of branding

3 quick ways NOT to get ripped off as a freelancer

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Though my experience as a freelance web-designer and content marketing writer can be considered a short lived one (I have been doing it for about 3 years now) it is the amount of problems i have had that makes sure I have learnt a lot in this short period of time. One of the biggest issues I (and possibly every-other freelancer out there) have faced is getting payed on time  and not left waiting for payments that never come through.

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