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Best Fried Chicken In Pattaya Soi Bong Koch Fried Chicken

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I have just started my journey to become an official Google Local Guide. I obviously started by listing some of my favorite restaurants and bars in Pattaya (like El Greco where some of the best Greek Food in Pattaya is made). The idea is to visit each of them and collect enough content so I can create decent reviews on the platform.

I happen to know this amazing little Thai shop that sells some of the best fried chicken in town, I was quite surprised to find out they weren’t listed on the Google map, so , I decided to be the first one to get them their well-deserved spot on the map.


This is when the story gets a bit complicated…


Google forces you to submit a website in order to list a restaurant on the map, though I didn’t ask them directly, I can be quite certain this shop does not have one.

I’m writing these words not only to inform you (and the world) of how awesome their fried chicken really is but also to have a link I can submit to Google as the shop’s website.

I truly hope it works! Worst case scenario, now you know about this little shop of wonders, they won’t be listed on the map, but at least they have left some kind of mark on the virtual realms.

Now, let’s get down to the important details. Here’s what the stall looks like:

fried chicken soi bong koch

Location of Soi Bong Kotch Fried Chicken Stall

I’m sure you would have noticed the shop if you ever drive past Soi Bong Koch AKA South Pattaya Soi 16, as it is always full of people lining up for their tasty chicken. They are open 24 hours 7 days a week as well so it’s guaranteed there’s always someone there.

I’ll add this map with a street view so you know exactly what to look for, the stall is located right across the 7-11 so is really hard to miss!

Here’s what you are looking for:


Here’s the same map but in bird’s eye view:

Why is this fried chicken so good?

  • Always Fresh: First things firs, because they have such a huge volume of customers (seriously, Thais are absolutely addicted to this shop there’s always someone ordering no matter what time of the day is) their chicken is always fresh.
  • The Price: You will definitely not break the bank at this shop, most of their chicken goes for 10 THB a piece and only the large ones will cost you 25 THB. So yea, I’m not even sure what you are still doing at home reading this, go get some of that chicken yo!
  • Open 24/7: When I said earlier they are open 24hrs a day 7 days a week I wasn;t exaggerating either. I’m not too sure how they have figured it out (looks like they have the entire family involved in this) but they keep the oil hot and frying fresh chicken all day and night.Anyone of those nights you feel the hangover starting to creep on you, you ca rely on this wonderful shop to give you the perfect meal right before passing out. I mean, these guys really understand the Pattaya market!
  • Their Tom Yum Flavored Fried Chicken: Their specialty, well I should rephrase that, my favorite is their special Tom Yum flavored chicken. Here’s a picture of them beauties


Tom Yum Flavor Fried Chicken In Pattaya


Now, I will accept the criticism that they are slightly salty for some people (they are certainly not afraid of pouring that Tom Yum flavor in there) so make sure you have a glass of water beer nearby when indulging in these bad boys.

Conclusion: You should try this fried chicken!

There’s a general rule of thumb in Thailand: If you ever see a lot of locals lining up to a food stall you have to try whatever it is they are cooking there. In case you haven’t noticed yet, food is extremely important to every Thai’s life and they certainly know when something is tasty!

If you like fried chicken (who wouldn’t!) make sure you take some time out of your busy schedule and try some at Soi Bong Koch. You will not regret it!

Let me know in the comment section below how you experience was! If you have another recommendation or feedback make sure you let me know by leaving a simple comment, I reply to all of them :)


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