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Coral Reef conservation project Kho Rin Island. Volunteer today!

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Dive Tribe fights for our coral reefs and you can help

If you have been following the news these past years you will know coral reefs worldwide are dying. Coral bleaching is a phenomenon that is happening all around the world at a speed that was never seen before, Pattaya was not spared either. Luckily for us, Dive Tribe has been making great efforts fighting back in the name of the environment.

Project Kho Rin is a community-based project aimed at restoring some of our local coral reefs, the work has started at Kho Rin island, a small tropical paradise located 40 minutes from Pattaya. As you can see in the pictures and video below, our coral nursery has been growing healthily for the past 9 months and we are always looking for new volunteers to come help us continue the good work.

Check out the last video we shot during our conservation trip to Kho Rin

This was shot during our August 2016 beach clean-up day, we haven’t organized one since because of government restrictions on how many people can be on the island. We still are allowed to take a small team of divers there to work on our coral nursery, but not bigger groups onto Kho Rin.

That said, we are actively working with the government and Navy to ensure we are allowed to do these trips in the near future, they are both extremely good for the environment and they are A LOT OF FUN!

Chek it out:


What is coral bleaching:

coral bleaching process

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Who is Dive Tribe?

Dive Tribe is all about marine conservation and imparting this knowledge back to the public thereby making a greater understanding of how important our reefs and coral seas are in Asia and how we can protect them. They have been working in Thailand for over a decade, when it comes to marine conservation in South East Asia, they are definitely at the top of their game.


 dive tribe marine conservation in South East Asia

Are you a diver? Here’s how you can collaborate


Sadly this is not a project open to everybody yet, to participate you must be a certified scuba diver having completed your advanced  open water course.  Furthermore, you will also have to bring your own equipment (or let us know before-hand so we can arrange to rent it for you).

If you are a diver and want to join our effort, all you have to do is get in contact with us at our Facebook page and we’ll let you know when we are heading to Kho Rin next. Is really that simple!

The cost of the entire trip is 1500 THB, this money is used to pay for all the materials, gas and logistics to get to the island and create the coral nurseries. We will provide the air for the dive as well as the transportation.  Our high-speed boat leaves from Ocean Marina, when I say speed boat I’m not exaggerating either, we will be at Kho Rin within 20 minutes:

Get trained in coral conservation

The best thing about the project (apart from the fact we are actively helping the reefs recover) is that you will get first-hand experience in the world of marine conservation. Universities and schools from Bangkok often send their students to work with us, so if you are a marine biologist or scuba diving professional looking for a specialization in conservation, this is a great opportunity to learn by doing, while working with some of the best professionals in the field.

What you will learn: How to build coral nurseries & artificial reefs, maintain “Biorock” artificial reefs, look after Giant Clam nurseries, coral spawning studies and culturing programs, mooring line maintenance and installation and much more.

How can you help if you don’t dive?

As we mentioned before, for the time being, we are only taking in certified divers as participants, we are hoping to change this in the following months. For now, here’s what you can do to help us out:

Follow Project Kho Rin on Facebook and share the project! Since we are a community-based project is very important for us for Pattaya resident to hear about us. In these modern, social-media driven days there’s no best way of getting known than people learning about Project Kho Rin on your Facebook wall, so please share the message!

Learn to dive and join us! Take this good piece of advice, if you have never scuba dived in your life I urge you to go out there and do it! If you live in Pattaya you have access to very cheap scuba diving certifications. If you don’t have an idea where to get a good deal and a good instructor, get in contact with Dive Tribe and they will point you in the right direction.

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