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Diving In Thailand: All The Reasons Sail Rock Kho Phagnan The Best Diving Spot (Whale Sharks Are One Of Them)

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I have now been diving for 3 years and living in Thailand for another 13+ years, I love them both!
I just had my best diving experience yet so wanted to share a few of my insights with you all.

I did my diving with Sail Rock Diver at Kho Phangan, as the name implies, we dived at Sail Rock which has to be one of the greatest diving spots in South East Asia (Definitely one of the best dives you will ever experience in Thailand)

The Highlight of our diving trip at Sail Rock Kho Phagnan



You can find out more information and get in contact with Sail Rock divers Kho Phagnan on their website or Facebook Page.

I first heard from Sail Rock divers through one of my favorite FaceBoook travel groups: South East Asia backpacker’s groups. I truly thank their advice as the whole experience was amazing! Do check that group out, is very informative and active, you will find lots of tips and information about backpacking South East Asia there.

Do check that group out, is very informative and active, you will find lots of tips and information about backpacking South East Asia there.

Why Sail Rock is the best diving spot in Kho Phagnan

Sail Rock diving spot as boat approaches the rock formation

Once you see this rock formation you know you are arriving at Sail Rock

  • The marine life: Just amazing! We got particularly lucky and got to see a pair (some other people in our boat insisted they were 3 actually) of whale sharks! It’s definitely not a common sight, so we were extremely lucky as we got to spend more than 20 minutes swimming with them as they circled around us during their feeding. I was hands down my best diving experience yet!We also got to see some of the following species: Schools of barracudas and trevally fish, a variety of sea slugs and shrimp, baitfish, angel fish, parrot fish, groupers, triggerfish, pipefish (which again we got lucky as they are not very common at sail rock!).
  • Close to Kho Phagnan: You will reach sail rock after a short boat ride, maybe 45 minutes to an hour separate you from this amazing diving spot. This gives you the perfect timing as it allows for a good briefing before the dive (and a relaxed breakfast) and 2 dives before heading back to Kho Phagnan.The peer is only 5 minutes away from the diving center which is extremely convenient.We arrived at Sail Rock around 9 AM (we were the first ones there which was perfect) and were ready for our second dive by 11. 30. After a quick lunch and some chillout time, we were heading back to Kho Phagnan’s peer. We were basically back at the resort before 2 PM which meant we still had the entire day in front of us.
  • Diverse and interesting geography:  The area is very diverse in it’s geography making for a very interesting dive. From the steep rock walls to a sandy (and deep) bottom, you will find an extremely diverse range of marine life to admire.Sail rock can accommodate for all levels of diving experience as well. For those who can’t dive deeper than 30 meters, there’s plenty of things to see. While advanced divers will also be able to indulge in incredible sights and deeper landscapes.

So yea, if you were thinking about doing your diving certification in Kho Phagnan or just enjoy a beautiful fun dive, look no further than Sail Rock divers! Both my girlfriend and I had a blast during our trip, we can’t wait to visit  Sail Rock again :)

Check out some pictures from the dive at Sail Rock:

Have you ever dived here? How was your experience?  Do you have any other questions about diving at Sail rock? Just let me know what you think in the comment section below!


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