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Full Metal Dojo Gets A TV Deal: Mix Martial Arts Will Now Be On True Sport 6 Starting June 9th 2016

Full Metal Dojo MMA Thailand Gets Their First TV Show On True Sport 6 June 9th 2016 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedin

BOOOM! That’s correct you guys, my buddies from the FMD have just scored one of their biggest deals so far! Starting on June 9th 2016 you’ll be able to watch fights from the FMD weekly!

Sounds awesome? Well, it is!


Full Metal Dojo’s Next Upcoming Live Event FMD11: Sweep all the Legs

MMA in Bangkok June 4 2016 organized by Full Metal Dojo

Full Metal Dojo’s next MMA event, is FMD11: Sweep all the Legs, on June 4 th at Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit soi 12, Bangkok.

Full ticket and event information here:




Here’s the official Press Release Announcing FMD TV Show on True Sport 6:

Full Metal Dojo is pleased to announce that all of its past and future FMD Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events will soon be broadcast on TrueVisions' True Sport Channel 6 (TVS 685), to over 10 million True Digital HD subscribing households in Thailand.

As well as putting Full Metal Dojo on the same broadcast platform as the Champions League and NBA, FMD will be the first Thai MMA promotion ever to be aired on TV, as the sport booms in popularity across the Kingdom.

FMD’s old events (FMD1-10) will be broadcast in 3 seasons of 12 weekly 30-minute episodes, showing the full fights from every old FMD event. FMD’s upcoming events this year (from FMD11) will then appear in season 4 onwards.

That comes to 48 weeks of original Thai MMA content for the first 4 seasons of the show, which will keep old and new fans of MMA busy well into next year.

Season 1 premieres on Thursday, June 9 th at the primetime slot of 7pm on True Sport Channel 6. Every episode will then be repeated twice a day, 14 times per week, before the next episode premieres every Thursday at 7pm.

The series will feature dual-language commentary options in Thai and English, featuring expert analysis from:

Thai Commentators: Shannon Wiratchai (ONE Championship MMA fighter) & Niti Techottiasnee (Thai BJJ [Brazilian jiu-jitsu] pioneer).

English Commentators: Jon Nutt (FMD founder) & Brandon Kesler (MMA fighter).

Nattida Ruongpongdit, from True Visions Sports Programming division announced: “The international platform of MMA has come to Thailand. Let’s enjoy the new exciting new experience of MMA with Full Metal Dojo’s TV series.”

Once the series premieres in Thailand, demand for the international TV rights for the series is expected to boom, with FMD’s unique branding and aesthetic style, alongside being the first MMA TV series from Thailand, one of the world’s leading combat sports nations.

One of Full Metal Dojo’s founding goals was to help the development of Thai fighters and the combat sports industry in Thailand, in turn fuelling the growth of sports tourism to the nation. By giving FMD’s fighters and their gyms greater national, and soon international, exposure from the series, the whole combat sports industry in Thailand has a larger platform from which to expand.


Full Metal Dojo (FMD) is Thailand’s top MMA Promotion, featuring the best up-and-coming Thai and international MMA fighters in the region. FMD is receiving global media coverage as MMA grows in Thailand.







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