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Well hello! I’m mat, I’m a Web Designer and digital marketer living in Pattaya, I love writing content, making websites using WordPress and finding cool stuff around Pattaya city to write about…. here’s the latest awesome restaurant I have found in sin-city:

Greek Restaurant in Pattaya: El Greco makes amazing Greek Food in Pattaya


Now, Pattaya is such an international city it is not surprising to be able to find a restaurant from pretty much every nation… I was extremely exited this week when i found a nice, cozy and very friendly Greek Restaurant in Pattaya.

I have been living here for over a decade now, and to this day I do not recall finding a restaurant from this part of the world. What can i tell you? I’m lucky like that…

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The dining experience:

Here’s my advice to you given I only got through about 5 dishes. Look at the menu with patience, order a jar of red-house wine and take your time enjoying the occasion.

As for now, I will be lazy and let you see about 7,000 words of how awesome this place really is.

I’m sure I’ll see you at ‘El Greco’ soon enough…

Here are some of the dishes I managed to try at this greek restaurant:


Price range

Ok, be honest, that looked pretty epic. In case you are wondering how much I payed for that lovely feast… keep also in mind we had (my girlfriend did also enjoy the experience) 2 pitchers of red wine (750ml) and 2 of those lovely dessert.

Final price? The whooping amount of 1,300 THB plus tip… so yea, when do I see you at ‘El Greco’ again?

Here’s the map and location of the best greek restaurant (only one I found ^^) in Pattaya:


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