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MMA Thailand is here to stay, so get ready!

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Mix Martial Arts started as an underground movement, it has now become the biggest and one of the most profitable sports ever to exist. We all knew it was just a matter of time before someone would take full advantage of Thailand’s long history with the fighting arts and organize an MMA event right here, and let me tell you something, the time has indeed come! Let me introduce you to The Full Metal Dojo.

I do not own the right to all the amazing pictures, they were taken by David Ash

Enter: The Full Metal Dojo

mma fighter getting ready in bangkok

I have always considered myself quite the lucky guy, and this belief was again reassured about a week ago when I received a phone call from Ree, otherwise known an Dj Ik, telling me about their new project: A full fledged promotion and management MMA project that organizes fights and tournaments throughout Thailand, and they were coming to Bangkok for their 4th awesome event. I was stocked!

One of the things that strike you as soon as you walk into any of the events held by the FMD is that they really take their business seriously. I had a backstage pass, so I was in a very good position to understand a bit of the work that goes into making an event of this magnitude (keep in mind they are already grasping 1000+ people per event, so they are getting big!), and it’s a lot of work! From the entrance rehearsals, to the video angles required to have a good live feed of the fight on the giant screens: Every single last detail is planned and managed to provide a great entertaining night for the audience.

A lot more than just a fight:

focus mma warrior getting ready to enter the octagon

There are quite a lot of props you get by paying the 1500 THB fee, and it all begins with a free beer of-course! Before the fights begun we all enjoyed a solid 40 minutes of some rocking live performance by John Nut and his band. From Punk-rock to classic rock, Mr Nut (who also happens to be the mastermind behind Full Metal Dojo) seems to feel extremely comfortable on stage, so much so, he actually allowed us to witness a true cultural performance as he took the stage to sing the Kings Anthem (and he certainly did an impressive job too!)

Beers, check. Rock n Roll, check. Hot ring girls, check…. I mean, I could almost not include the fact you also get to see some of the most awesome warriors in the land respectfully beating the s**t out of each-other, and it will still sound like an awesome event!

john nut singing the kings anthem

For the technical guys out-there, you can find all the fight results at the links below (and some more pictures of-course!). Do give the guys at FMD the thumb up! They do deserve some social payback for all their effort :)

The fight results:

Chan Heng (Afighter) vs Detchadin Phetsingkorn (Muay Chaiya)

Yoann Gouaida (301 Gym) vs Masoud Ranjbar (AKA)

Siripong Super Jack (Chumporn MMA and Wrestling) vs Yut (Kru Dam)

Thai Rithy (Afighter) Vs Fabian Pettersson (Legacy Gym)

Viktor Larson (301) VS Mamoru Kashiwakura (EMAC/Over Limit BJJ)

Andres Da Forno (Lion Muay Thai) vs Jason Archilla (Virgin Active / Tiger Muay Thai)

You can also check out the latest Video By Phuket News on FMD’s last event in Bangkok.


What can I tell you? I love MMA, and knowing there’s a group of driven, young and entrepreneurial guys out there ready to put in all the sweat and blood required to establish it as the global phenomenon it is right here in Thailand… Well , that just brings a smile to my face!

I check their official website quite often for updates on the next event, they have just announced FMD5 is happening on the 9th of May 2015, so get ready Thailand!

Here are some more awesome pictures from our amazing photographer David Ash, and yes, i did make sure i included some shots of the stunning FMD ring girls… the show must (and will) continue ladies and gentlemen, so see you there!!



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