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Pattaya Beach Clean Up @ Kho Rin Island August 27 2016

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June Clean Up Project Kho Rin Volunteer ConservationProject in Thailand

Marine Conservation: Project Kho Rin in Pattaya city Thailand by Dive Tribe from Matias Berra on Vimeo.

Project Kho Rin: Marine conservation and volunteer program in Thailand

I don’t think I can actually explain in plain words how awesome it is to collaborate  with friends in the hope of doing something good for the environment and local community.

Pattaya, though well known for it’s nightlife and bars, doesn’t particularly have a good reputation when it comes to marine/ environmental conservation. We want to change that.

Project Kho Rin is a community-based conservation project. Our idea is to be able to bring back the beauty of this tropical island to it’s pristine condition.

During our last clean-up in June. We collected hundreds of Kgs of trash in a single day and managed to replant a new bed of corals.

If you are a diver then you should know we are also trying to help the coral reefs around the island by replanting them in new beds, coral bleaching has had a terrible effect on the local coral reefs…. we want to turn that around, and you can help us too!

Please share this post and tell your friends about Project Kho Rin. You can also support us by liking and following our Project Kho Rin official Facebook page.

Beach clean up @ Kho Rin Island in Pattaya city Thailand

Date/Time: Saturday 27th August 2016

Location: Kho Rin island, we meet at Bali Hi Peer 8.30 AM

Ticket Prices: 1000 THB adults 500 THB kids under 5. We require a 50% upfront reservation fee (protection against last minute cancelations)

We provide: Food by Baba eating house, Boat organised by Dive Tribe -Thailand, snorkeling equipment

Activities:  1.5 hours boat trip to Koh Rin – Beach Clean up – Lunch / Snorkelling – 1.5 hours Home Again

Contact for more questions:
mobile phone. 09 2460 3037
email: sarah_collie@yahoo.com.au


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