About the Bangkok Free Ambulance Website:

**LATEST UPDATE** The Website is back online!! So good to know they have decided to continue their involvement here in Bangkok. Now I can (again) proudly say I helped Marko and Shane in their amazing and respectable mission to save lives in South East Asia. So Please ignore the update below, it is all part of the past now! :)

**UPDATE**Bangkok Free Ambulance has actually been discontinued as Marko Cunningham has decided to quit his position in the foundation due to negative pressure and ‘political reasons’.. A great shame indeed. You can still read the story behind this website, hopefully one day he will decide to go back to the Bangkok streets:

My very first project, and to be fair, one of my most exiting ones. What has made this particular project so awesome is the fact I got to meet Marko Cunningham in person.

And do let me tell you something, you just don’t meet people as inspirational as Marko everyday, he has basically dedicated his life to saves other’s… most amazing thing about this? He actually works so that he can afford to be a volunteer and help others, like as far as good human examples, this dude is the man!

Here take a look at some of Marko’s posts on Facebook (and yes, some of them are indeed graphic in nature) if you would like to see the brave work he does with the Ruamkatanyu foundation.

Hope you like the crazy stories in there, do also share his experiences, the more well known he becomes the more help he can provide to out fellow human beings.