About this Project:

Ok, must accept after creating a aesthetic clinic website it only seemed logical I would end up building something like this. Great portfolio item for Thailand and a very good, fun and bright design. As you can see at the link, the website is live, well and still shining bright with all the fury of that neon pink glow.

This particular website was built on a new WordPress theme called Legenda, I had quite a good time playing around with it and was very pleased to notice how  responsive and customisable the theme was. For any people interested in building an e-commerce shop online I would highly recommend Legenda for its multiple functionality, good design and amazing integration with the woo-commerce plug-in (an amazing tool that turns a standard Worpress site into a mean-lean virtual shop ).

In past opportunities I have used another amazing theme called Salient, a  beautifully designed and crafted responsive theme that allows your to make truly stunning portfolio pages and e-commerce websites; but had encountered many issues when customising the header where the navigation is located, the Legenda theme  on the other hand, was super easy to change and customize according to the original design’s requisites.

Skills Used: WordPress Responsive Web Design & Customisation,  Photoshop, Illustrator 

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