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Pattaya’s attractions from a freelance writer’s point of view

As a content writer living in Pattaya Thailand, I often get the chance to write about random (and generally fun) things that most people don’t even know about. This is one of those occasions.

For the past couple months I have been writing evermore extensively about attractions and things to do in Pattaya- It does help my new events promotions website launched some months back. This has left me with quite a lot of extra information I wanted to share today. Here are some of Pattaya’s most interesting pass time activities…

Kitesurfing in Sin City

Slightly in the ‘challenging’ side of things, kitesurfing is quickly becoming one of the favourite pastimes of the adventurous expats in Pattaya. You also have choices when it comes to the schools and shops that allow you to learn (or rent in case you are already experience) how to fly over the waves.

Most of these schools/ shops are located further from downtown Pattaya around the Na Jomtien area, which is really a great thing given the cleaner waters and emptier beaches.

I would probably only suggest to go to the blue lagoon kitesurfing school Pattaya since my personal experience there was great. Knowledgeable instructors, the equipment was in great condition and the location was beautiful.

ATV jungle adventure

activities in pattaya offroad adventureFrom the ocean to the jungle, and this time we are riding ATVs!! I mean, how much more of a description you need right? One jungle, Indiana Jones style tracks and an awesome ATV geared up for an adventure.

There are different tracks, some of them can be done in an hour, the longer ones can take up to 4 hours, so you certainly are in for a good time! They can accommodate to most skills levels and they will force you to practice on nicer grounds before heading out into the off-road sections.

You can contact and book your adventure by either calling this number 087 740 7979 or heading to their official website


flybording in pattaya city fun things to do

Ok let’s take you back to the crazy waters of Pattaya so we can fly! Yup, no jokes here, you have seen these machines before: They pretty much consist of a board connected to a jet-ski which will allow you to fly up to 7 meters above the water.

Having tried them myself, I can tell you they aren’t as hard to control as you might think. I mean, you certainly won’t be able to do half the amazing things your instructor will show you before you try it, but after 15 minutes of struggle, I was not only able to maintain myself up in the air, before my 40 minutes were up I was actually diving up and down like a iron-man-dolphin would…

Again, a really fun experience that I would recommend to those looking for a little adventure time. Just head to their website’s contact page and start flying today!

Fishing Park


Ok, given all the activities above were more for the younger/ adventurous type, why don’t we sit down, relax and head out fishing! I have always loved heading out into nature and passing the time patiently waiting for the fish to bite the bait, though this is Pattaya, and of course is going to offer a different and stranger version of the activity.

Given you will be fishing at a man-made lake which was seeded with fish, you have no reason to worry about whether or not you will catch something, they always bite.

For those who are actually take their fishing more seriously, then you are in for a treat. Many of the species found in these lakes are actually quite exotic. They have many giant fish species from around the world in order to keep it interesting.

Here, check out one of Pattaya’s most diverse lakes, go to their website and admire some of the amazing fish specimens they have been catching.

Cartoon Network Park

cartoon network amazone pattaya attractions

Now lets indulge the child within and head to one of sin-city’s newest and biggest attractions, the official Cartoon Network Water park. Located on Sukunvit road in Naa jomtien, you won’t be able to miss the huge water slides and tubes that raise up extremely high into the air (and I don’t have the exact measurements here, but I can tell you they are impressively tall structures).

This attractions is also one of the most family friendly activities you can experience in Pattaya, and be honest to yourself, you know you will enjoy the rides as much as your kids will. One bit of good news for all the expats around the area is that they do offer a year pass, meaning you can stop worrying about what to do with the kids during their free time! Cartoon network seem to always be an option, all year long baby!

For more details and pricing please head to the Cartoon Networks Water Park official website.

Traditional Chinese Painting

chinese traditional pinting pattaya cityOk, now lets get slightly more serious and consider some educational and artistic activities you didn’t know you could find in Pattaya. What if I told you can learn actual Traditional Chinese painting, yes an artform that has existed for millennia, right here in sin-city, sounds exciting doesn’t it?
All you have to do to access this amazing opportunity is get in contact with Khun Ingrid Van Der Heyden, a Pattaya local. Also keep in mind that teacher Ingrid, a seasoned international artist, actually spent 2 years of intense training at Beijing University learning first hand from an actual master (yup, this mijagi-type instructor was way beyond the standard ‘teacher’ label) learning this time defying art form (so do consider yourself lucky!)

You can contact Khu Ingrid directly through her email absbeach@gmail.com to find out the latest rates and locations for her classes. You have the choice of doing one on one lessons with her or opt for group classes, though you and your friends need to get together and organize the group before the classes can start, the final cost will be based on the amount of people interested.


Luckily once again is proven you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, not matter how filthy, corrupted of alcohol-reeking it might be… Even our lovely sin-city has wonderful and fun things to offer to all it’s residents.

Oh! and if you happen to like what I write and would like to purchase content for your website, all you have to do is contact me and let me know about your topic!


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